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About Us:

The Far East / World Evangelism is a work dedicated to preaching God's Word throughout the world. Mission works include such works as "Four Seas College of the Bible and Missions" in Singapore, which has been in operation for many years and helped to educate men and women in the Word of God and enable them to go back and teach God's Word in their home countries of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, etc.

Mission work is also taking place above the Arctic Circle in Murmansk, Russia. When this city was first visited in 1992, the people who were converted to Christ pleaded with us not to leave them without instruction from God's Word. We have continued to this very day preaching God's Word in this city of some 500,000 people. Murmansk, although located above the Arctic Circle, has a warm water current which flows from Jacksonville, FL up to Murmansk, Russia. As a results of this warm water current the port in Murmansk remains open year round, even in the winter months. Brother Robert Hawkins lived in Murmansk many years before moving back to the States. Ilya Muzychenko now serves as the full-time preacher for the Murmansk church of Christ. Cliff Lyons, whose work is overseen by the Southaven Church of Christ in Southaven, MS, continues to travel to assist in the work.

The Far East / World Evangelism is under the oversight of the Coldwater Church of Christ, Coldwater, MS. Thanks for your interest in this work. If you have any questions please click on the "Contact Us" link located on this web-site.

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